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January 22
San Francisco

Toby and I tried to catch the Ferry to Sausalito but we're too late due to some protest along the Embarcadero. So we just hung out around the city. We drove over to the Castro and had lunch at Cafe Flore and took some senic photos along Buena Vista park near the Castro. Later that evening we have a nice dinner at Strait's Cafe on Burlingame Avenue.

The Ferry Building along the Embarcadero (where the protest was)

The mist through the trees at Buena Vista Park.

Some nice shadows at Buena Vista Park.

Toby and I along Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco after we miss our ferry to Sausalito.

A view from atop Buena Vista Park.

Another picture of us also at Buena Vista park.

We get ready for dinner at Stait's Cafe in Burlingame.