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January 20-30
Ski Heavenly

The last time Greg and I went skiing was back in March 1999, when his parents still had the house in the Tahoe Keys. That was the last time either of us have hit the slopes. We left REAL early Saturday morning in Greg's new Infiniti FX35 SUV. I drove all the way to Placerville while Greg slept. We switched drivers at the point and I jumped into the back seat to watch "Open Water" on the FX's built in DVD player (real nice). On the dark cold freezing Hwy 50, Greg drove REAL slow down the grade, one time the car started sliding horizontally toward the embankment... kinda scary. We made it down to South Lake Tahoe safely and had breakfast at Denny's. At 8am, we drove over to Boulder Lodge base on the Nevada Side of Heavenly. We rented equipment directly from Heavenly, it had been a while since I skiied and they gave me REAL short skis! We quickly hit the slopes after we had our skiis, and we went ALL the way to the Olympic Run. Skiing came back to us easy, it was like riding a bike... and neither of us 'biffed' while gliding down the slopes. We did about 15 runs and had lunch at the East Peak Lodge on the Nevada side (and BFK Coffee!!!) After a success and long day of skiing we packed up our ski stuff and headed into town where we stayed at the Horizon Casino. We took a nap before having dinner at the Hard Rock cafe in Harvey's. On Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel before checking out the hotel. We did some gambling then hit the road back home. Before we left Tahoe we stopped by the lake to take some photos. While on the drive home I watched "Garden State" on the DVD. We arrived back in the Bay Area by 3:30. It was a FUN weekend... can't wait until the next ski adventure.

Me at the top of the Olympic Run with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Greg and I both at the top of Olympic Run (on the Nevada Side).

Greg Lee getting ready to descend the slopes.

We break for an early lunch at the East Lodge... yes I'm having soup in a BREAD BOWL.

Look at my terrible form going down the Olympic Run.

Me at the top of the Comet Express Run

Photos of us at the Boulder Lodge.

Before we leave South Lake Tahoe we stop off to take pictures by the shore.

Greg at I at Lake Tahoe...Ok ready to head on home now..