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February 25 - 27
Ski Squaw Valley

I go on my second ski trip this season and to a NEW resort... Squaw Valley on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.We stay at Cal Neva Resort right on the border of California and Nevada. On Friday, we toured along the shore that sunny warm afternoon. That evening we had dinner at a small Italian restaurant in Kings Beach. On Saturday, we woke up early and skiied Squaw Valley. It was a successful ski trip for me and this time I fell only once and my ski flew off my right leg. I couldn't get my ski back on, it took me like 5 minutes on a steep slope to realize I didn't reset my ski! Toby did well for not skiing in 6 years. Squaw had some real nice wide runs for intermediates. Saturday night we had dinner at CalNeva resort. We all headed back home Sunday noon before the rain hit.

The view from our room at the CalNeva resort. This view is looking out toward the California side of the lake.

Me at the top of one of the lifts in Squaw.

Me at 8,700 foot Emigrant Mt.

Me and Toby at the Lodge at CalNeva.

Toby overlooking the tram from the High Camp Lodge area.

Me along the Tahoe shore.

Toby at the Squaw Valley entrance

Toby get's ready to ski.

Us on top of High Camp.

Us at the top of the tram in High Camp.

Isn't he sweet...

Me and Toby along the shore.