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March 18-20
Snowboarding Lessons at Heavenly

Toby and I leave afterwork on Friday to head up to South Lake Tahoe. We stay at Inn-by-the-Lake on the California side. On Saturday we sign up for Level 1 beginning snowboarding lessons... we have never stepped on snowboards before! It was fun, not as hard as I thought it would be. After our 2 hour lessons, we head up the mountain on our own! ... and then the storm hit... snow snow and more snow! You couldn't even see the lake from the top of the gondola. The weather got cold and windy so we took the gondola down off the mountain. That evening we had dinner at Kalani's restaurant in the new Heavenly Village. We left on Sunday after we waited for the snow to stop falling, we had to have chains installed.

Before taking lessons.

Look at my form... on the bunny slope!

Heavenly Village's ice skating rink.

And BOY did it start to snow... can you see our car?

Toby getting ready for his snowboard lessons.

Toby is a natural...

Toby on the lift on the California side of Heavenly.

Getting ready to head down the slopes. The winter storm was really hitting hard at this time.

...our car was covered in snow when we returned to our car.

We are outside Heavenly Village where we have a wonderful dinner at Kalani's.

What... more snow!.. We had to use chains on our drive down the mountain back home.