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May 1
Six Flags Marineworld

On a sunny, clear Sunday afternoon Susanne, Toby and I head up to Vallejo to spend a day at Six Flags. We were worried in the week that it would rain, but luckily for us it didn't. It was Susanne and Toby's first time up to Marineworld since it became a Six Flags property and before all the rides were installed. We rode most of the coaster before the power went out. We saw the Shouka killer whale show and the Dolphin show. We saw the new Dolphin encounter but we're not able to reach them, I was able to touch a sting ray.

Me and Toby in line for Roar.

Me and Susanne also in line for Roar.

Me at the new Dolphin Encounter.

Toby and Susanne waiting for the first car on Medusa.

Toby at the new Dolphin Encounter.

Shouka the killer whale.

The giraffe feeding.

The Dolphin show...

Tiger island.