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May 20 - 24
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Our first big trip together... we fly to Arizona and visit Toby's sisters Martha and Moira. We fly out of San Francisco that Friday morning to Phoenix Arizona. We stay Friday and Saturday night with Martha and Steve at there home in Carefree, just north of Scottsdale. Friday night we have dinner at Javalina's Cantina in Carefree. On Satuday, we hike Pinnacle Peak, tour Carefree and eventually take a dip in the pool to cool off in the hot dry Arizona heat. That evening, we get treated to a nice dinner at "?". On Sunday, Toby and I drive down to Scottsdale to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's "Taliesin West", a former architectural school. Afterwards we drive down to Phoenix to tour the Desert Botanical Gardens, but it was WAY too hot. We drive over to Scottsdale to visit Toby's Moria, Rob and Spencer. We cool off in their pool. After our visit, we check into the Boulder's Resort in Carefree. On Monday, we take it easy, we first do a little shoppping in Scottsdale before heading back to the resort to spend time by the pool. Later that afternoon we sign up for a couples massage at the Golden Door Spa located at the resort. That evening, we have a nice dinner at Latilla's at the resort. Tuesday, our flight left later that afternoon so we started the day with a hike around the resort and then a dip in the pool. Then it's off to the airport for a quick flight back to San Francisco...

Friday, May 20

We fly from SFO to Phoenix airport that Friday afternoon.

That Friday evening we have dinner at Javalina's Cantina for some delicious Mexican food in Carefree Arizona

Martha, Steve and their son Cameron.

Saturday, May 21

Saturday morning we wake up early and take in scenery around the house.

Before the temperature passes 100, we take a hike up Pinnacle Peak.

The views along the hike on Pinnacle Peak, we saw a rattle snake along the trail.

Steve, Martha, me and Toby at one of the observations views. Behind is Phoenix.

After our hike we drive over to Carefree. Here is the world's largest sundial.

Once we arrive back at the house we quickly take a dip in the pool to cool off.

In the afternoon, Toby and I drive around Carefree and surrounding areas.

Later that afternoon, we again take a dip in the pool.

Some gorgeous Arizona sunsets.

I love the colors in the sky. That evening we went to a nice dinner in Carefree.

Sunday, May 22

Sunday morning we drove over to Scottsdale to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's "Taliesin West"

Taliesin West was once an architectural school set up by Wright. We toured the grounds and various rooms throughout the complex.

Toward the end of the tour we viewed the theater and auditorium. Afterwards we drove down to Phoenix.

We made a brief stop at the Desert Botanical Gardens but it was WAY too hot to be outside...

..We then headed back up to Scottsdale to visit Moria, Rob and Spencer. We quickly jumped at the offer of taking a dip in their pool... it was refreshing.

Moira, Spencer and Toby relaxing the shade. After our visit we head up to Carefree to check into our resort...

..We stay at the Boulder's Resort in Carefree. After we checked in we do a quick tour of the grounds and climb some rocks.

Monday, May 23

Monday we left early while it was still cool to drive around Scottsdale and do some shopping, we stop off at a largeoutdoor mall.

We then head back up to the resort and spend a good portion of the day laying out by the pool.

Smile pretty for the camera.

That afternoon we made reservations at the Golden Door Spa for a couples massage.

After we were relaxed from our massage, we go hiking on the boulders.

We make it to the topof the hill...

The ancient rock formations made for some great photo opps.

There were old indian mortars on some rocks located by some fallen boulders, which created a little cave type area.

Near the gold course was a peculiar balancing rock. Look 'pima' or rabbit. They were everywhere.

That night we had a nice dinner at the resort's top rated restaurant... Latilla.

Tuesday, May 24

Our flight left later that afternoon so early on Tuesday we went for a quick hike...

...and then a quick dip in the pool. And then we needed to pack and go.

We drop off our rental car, head out to the airport in Phoenix for our short flight back to San Francisco...