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July 15 - 18
Tahoe Donner

I join Toby for a family summer vacation up in Tahoe Donner. We main occasion for this outting was in celebrating Kathy's 75th birthday. The entire family came to Tahoe for the fun and family festivities. Barbara, Zachery and Haley came in from Kentucky. We had fun spending time outdoors, swimming Donner Lake, rafting down the Truckee river and taking a spectacular catamarran tour of Lake Tahoe on the most perfect day.

Friday, July 15th

We arrive Thursday night, on Frida we drive to Donner lake and Truckee.

Here is the house they rented up on Pinnacle Drive. The inset is Steve's house in Tahoe Donner.

At Donner Lake Toby and i take in some sun and a refreshing dip in the lake.

Tahoe Donner had a couple of swimming complexes. Toby makes a perfect dip off the enclosed slide.

Me enjoying a margarita from the bar!

Back at the house we celebrate Kathy's birthday with a brownie cake.

All the grandkids gather at the fireplace for some family pictures... can everyone look at the camera please?

Saturday, July 16th

The next day, Toby and i went sunning along the shores of the Lake, everyone else went bike riding. This was very peaceful and relaxing.

There was a little cove on the eastern edge of the lake were numerous people went sunning.

Toby and I and our warm Lake Tahoe tans.

That evening... brake out the karaoke! After a few drinks we were rearing to go... First the girls sang...

... and then the guys!

Sunday, July 17th

Sunday we went rafting along the Truckee river. Toby and I rode with Rob, Moria and Spencer.

We had about 4 rafts drifting down the very tame Truckee river.

We stopped once for a snack and to regather.

Emily enjoying her sandwich during our break.

At the end of our journey we stop and have a burger.

Everyone on the raft tour!

That evening Barbara gives me a scorpion henna tattoo.

Monday, July 18th

I guess we all got the same email on what to wear for the day! Barbara, Zachery, me and Toby.

That morning we take family pictures... Here are to Murphy's and their six children.

Here are grandma and grandpa and their numerous grandchildren.

Here comes our catamaran! Of course, me with drink in hand. Inset: Toby and his sister Barbara.

Toby and I and another perfect day at Lake Tahoe.

Everyone enjoying the sail along the lake.

Toby and I trying to catch some rays and take in some views.

The grand kids take their turns steering the boat. In the center Olivia takes the helm.

Martha and Steve having fun with Cameron.

After the hour long adventure on the catamaran we jump into the lake to cool off.

What similar hats? We swim along the shore. Look, Barbara swimming WAY out with the hat on!

The entire family on the Catamaran.