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August 27
Gray Whale Cover and Half Moon Bay

We drive past Pacifica and Devil's Slide to a small nude beach called Gray Whale Cove. The day started off very foggy, but the sun quickly burned off the fog and we were able to enjoy a day at the beach. After sunning ourselves, we drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay. We stopped off at the Moss Beach Distillery for a quick look over the cresent beaches. At Half Moon Bay, we stopped off for a quick lunch at the sandwich shop in the San Benito House Hotel buildling.

Mid morning we head over to a small sunny pocket at Gray Whale cove.

The sun finally burned off al lthe fog...

...and we were able to get some sun.

Walking along the beach at Gray Whale Cove.

Toby and I stop off at the beach around the Moss Beach Distillery.

We head into Half Moon Bay for lunch at the San Benito house. We walk by some old buildings like the old Jail.