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September 6 - 12
Boston and New York City

I attend this year's Photoshop World Conference in Boston and then I extend the trip three days and visit New York City.

Tuesday, September 6th

Toby brings me to SFO early. After a non-stop flight to Boston, i take the "T" subway to my hotel... Hotel 140 on Clarendon Street.

I arrive around 4pm, before everyone else in my group, so I go explore Boston. Here I am in Copley Park in fron of the Trinity Church.

Across the street from Copley Park is the Old South Church. This is all in the Back Bay section of Boston.

I walk to the Public Gardens / Boston Common. The oldest public park in the U.S. Behind me is a statue of George Washington.

The weather was perfect... sunny and in the 70's. I strolled around the park. This is the lake where the swan boats tour.

It's dinner time, I eat at Stephanie's Cafe on Newberry Street (I'm talking to Diana while eating). I have a skirt steak and two glasses of merlot.

Later Stephen and James arrive, I join them at Legal Seafood Restaurant. Their cousin Calvin (who goes to MIT) joined us for dinner.

Wednesday, September 7th

Stephen, James and kerianne checking into the conference. There was a 'boxing' theme.

Here we walk to the conference. Everyone had arrived the day earlier.. we walk by the Old South Church and Old Boston Library.

That afternoon we celebrate Kerianne's birthday with a surprise "Duck Tour" of Boston. Here we are getting ready to board the jeep / boat.

After a short tour of the Backy Bay we enter the Charles River. The Longfellow bridge is behind me.

A view of Boston from the Charles River.

Various sights from the Duck Tour...

Afterwards we went up to "Top of the Hub" bar on the 51st floor of the Prudential Tower for a drink (or two)

That night we all had steak at the Capital Grille on Newberry Street. Afterwards Kerianne and I shareing a 'moment'.

The Graphics Team before we embark on the Duck Boat.

Thursday, September 8th

After numerous session in the morning, Russell and I spend the lunch hour exploring Boston, here we visit the old cemetary to see Paul Revere, Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams.

Cheers... where nobody knew our names.

Boston Common and the Public Gardens. Here you can see the old Swan boats.

A nice example of stain glass from within the Old South Church.

That night Karen and I have a nice dinner at Charley's on Newberry Street. I had fish and later a Boston Creme Pie... plus a Metropolitan (or two).

Friday, September 9th

We all had to change hotels for one night. We went to the John Hancock for that Thursday night. My room had a twin bed and was the size of a shoebox!

After the morning sessions, i packed up and headed to the Amtrak train. I took the Acela express from Boston to NYC. We past thru Rhode Island and Connecticut. A very nice ride.

I approach NYC around 7pm. Here is twilight from Queens before the train went underground.

I meet up with my old CCC friend Stefan at Penn Station (he lives in NY). We walked down to the Chelsea Innon 17th.

We quickly left and walked to 8th Ave where we had dinner at a Japanese / Thai place called Nooch. We had yummy asian food plus I had a martini (or two).

We walked up to Time Square after dinner, passing Madison Square Gardens.

Fwee... me jumping right in the middle of Time Square!

I didn't realize Stefan worked for Viacom's MTV Network division right there in Times Square so we went up to the top of the building and took photos of Times Square from above.

Another photo of Times Square with a flash... nice exposure. Afterwards we took the subway to the East Village, Washington Park, and Greenwich Village. We then went clubbing at 'Splash'.

Saturday, September 10th

I wake up early and walk to the Empire State Building. There was a short wait but the weather and visibility was wonderful.

I then walked up to Rockerfeller Plaza where I meet up with Stefan for the day.

St. Patrick's Cathedral across the street from Rockerfeller Plaza.

We then walk up to Central Park... again with the jumping pose along the Mall.

At Central Park's Bethesda Fountain.

Various sights in Central Park, we walked to Strawberry Hill, "Tavern on the Green" and numerous other places.

Me at Bethesda Fountain.

It was like being at the beach! A typical warm Saturday in Sheep's Meadow.

Another view from the other side of Sheep's Meadow. We then walked to the Upper East Side to 2nd Ave and had Vietnamese food at Vermacelli's.

Me inside the Guggenheim Museum. They are doing repainting and installing a new exhibit, so we didn't go inside (other than just the lobby)

Instead we went across the street and went into the vast Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET)

Some various sculptures within the museum.

George Serat's famous "Sunday in the Park".

After the museum we stop by Belvedere's Castle in the Park.

We then take the subway from Central Park to Grand Central Station.

From Grand Central Station we take the subway to China town and Little Italy. Here we are on Mulberry Street.

Alan waiting for the subway, late night in NYC...

This is where we ate dinner in Chinatown... a vegetarian restaurant.

A near empty subway train.

Here i am getting ready to goout dancing at 'Splash'. That night I got a free t-shirt for dancing without my shirt on...

Sunday, September 11th

My solo day. Stefan headed home Saturday night. I took the subway to city hall. Here I am at Battery Street with the Statue of Libery WAY behind me.

I walk midway across the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was 9/11 and the city had special memorial at Ground Zero. They were reading the names of the vicitims while I was there.

The New York Stock Exchange off of Wall Street. I explore the southern tipof Manhattan before hopping back onto the subway.

I take the subway up towards Washington Park, I then walk around Greenwich Village and Christopher Street.

At the end of Christopher Street i walk to the Hudson River Park.

I then head up to Time Square where I wait in line at the TKTS booth and purchased wonderufl orchestra seats at half price. I buy tickets for Rent.

Me before the 7pm showing of Rent. Afterwards i went out clubbing where I saw a drag show kareoke contest... very funny.

On Monday September, 12th I wake up early and hail a taxi cab on 6th Ave. The cabbie takes me to JFK airport where i board a non-stop flight to SFO. Toby picks me up from the airport.

I had a fun time in NYC, great to catch up with Stefan and met some interesting New Yorkers. It was a whirlwind trip, I had good weather and a great time.