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September 18
Sutro Baths and Baker's Beach

On a warm Sunday we head up to San Francisco along Ocean Avenue toward the historic Cliff House and the ruins of the Sutro Baths. We then enjoy the sun and views from Baker's Beach.

Along the seawall on Ocean Beach. The Cliff House is in the background along the hill's edge.

We walked up toward the Cliff House, here is a view looking back toward Ocean Beach.

Before lunch we walk around the ruins of the historic Sutro Baths.

Toby on the other end of the cave by Sutro Baths.

Here we are in the cave that is right next to the old Baths.

Toby standing amoung the ruins. Nice water... don't go swimming in there now.

After lunch we head toward Baker Beach. Here we are high above the beach.

Once down at the beach we had magnificant views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just another beautiful day in San Francisco.