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October 28
Benihana's for Alan's Birthday

For my birthday (well the Friday before my birthday), my friends Julie, Stephanie, Kelly and Toby took me out to dinner at Benihana's restaurant in Cupertino (off of Vallco Mall).

Kelly, me and Toby looking over the menu.

Me and the first of my two Mai Tai's.

Julie, Stephanie and Kelly.

Is that hair spray or a bottle of Voss water???

The chef draws a rooster with an egg.

The chef makes an onion 'volcano'.

Applause from Alan... what a wonderful meal and performance from the chef.

Alan opening gifts... wonderful treats from Kelly.

From Julie: a new "Super" mouse for my computer.

From Stephanie: The entire first season of the hit ABC show "Lost".

My dear friends Julie and Stephanie.

Me and Kelly.

Group photo! Julie, Stephanie, Kelly, me and Toby.