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November 12
Muirwoods and San Francisco

On Saturday we decide to head up to Marin County to go to Muirwoods and check out the tall coastal redwood grove. It's been YEARS since I've been there and it was Toby's first time to actually enter the park. After hiking through the park, we drive to the coast to the Muirbeach overlook to take photos high above the coastline. We then drive to the marina area of Tiburon where we have a late lunch at the Mexican restaurant, Guaymas, where the skyline of San Francisco can be seen from across the bay. After our meal we head back into San Francisco to go shopping at the Sports Basement located at the Presideo's old Commissary building. We buy bike helmets there. We make a quick stop of the old pet cemetary nearby. During the sunset hour we make a quick drive over to Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate bridge. We then head over to the Castro for some coffee and a couple of drinks (for me).

After parking miles down the road on the busy Saturday, we finally enter Muirwoods.

Toby next to the tree ring display at the entrance of the park.

Me pointing to the year I was born (or close to it.. hee hee)

Toby along the main trail through the redwood forest.

Alan stopping to take a photo break.

FWEE... see I can jump between two redwood trees.

Us at Muirwoods between two tall redwoods.

Toby inside one of the redwoods.

Save the redwood forests! You didn't think we were tree huggers?

We head over to the coast on the clear day at the Muirbeach overlook.

Me atthe Muirbeach overlook looking north along the Marin coastline.

Toby at the Muirbeach overlook looking south along the coast.

Us at the Muirbeach overlook with San Francisco WAY in the background.

Enjoying a few drinks at the mexican restaurant Guaymas in Tiburon.

Us at the marina of Tiburon.

Me at the old Pet Cemetery in San Francisco's Presideo.

Toby at Fort Point.

Golden Gate bridge from Fort Point during sunset.