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November 24
Thanksgiving Day 2005

Thursday morning Toby and I went to visit Gretchen and her family at her house in Burlingame, we then decide to make a quick trip up to the city to Nob Hill where we enter Grace Cathedral, walk along Huntington Park, and the Fairmont Hotel. Once we get back from San Francisco Toby's illness was getting worse so he didn't join me in Fremont for dinner as originally planned. I head over to Fremont where I met up with my sister Janell and her husband John who drove up from Marina. We have a late lunch/early dinner and then celebrate my sister's birthday which was on the 23rd of November.

Grace Cathedral atop Nob Hill in San Francsico.

Inside Grace Cathedral.

Toby and I in Huntington Park across the street from Grace Cathedral.

In Fremont we get the dinner table ready for Thanksgiving. Victoria give Janell a huge hug!

Me and my sister...

Victoria and me...

It's dinner time!

John and Janell...

Janell and her birthday apple pie.

Janell and her new ski gloves that I gave her for her birthday.