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November 26
Ike and Josie Alegre 50th Wedding Anniversary

We attend the celebration of my Auntie Pinang's 50th Wedding Anniversary. They renew their vows at Saint Victor Catholic Church in San Jose followed by a reception at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara.

The entire wedding party at the Saint Victor Catholic Church.

Uncle John, Auntie Dely, Mom, Auntie Ging, Uncle Abot, and Dad. (Dely, Mom and Abot are cousins)

Mom and Dad

Janell, me and our cousin Lorraine.

The Bato Family with the celebrants. Angelica, Joey, Ronnie and Jarrett.

The Galindez Family with the celebrants. Victoria, Mom, Janell, me and Dad.

Auntie Dely, Uncle Abot, and Auntie Pinang

My cousins: Elnora, Ellen, Evelyn, and Lorraine.

Guess who... me and Victoria.

Ike and Jose enter the reception area at the Biltmore Hotel.

The main party had special seating.

Dance time.... party party.

Me with mom, Victoria and Janell.

More dancing, like the electric slide, and of course the Macarena.

... and more dancing (and more Macarena!)