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December 3
Symantec Holiday Party

We attend the largest Symantec Holiday event yet. This was the first company party after the Veritas acquisition so they rented out the Concourse Exhibition Hall in San Francisco to accomodate the much larger numer of attendees. The event was lavishly catered and with a great live band. We ran into some people from the Redwood City office, we danced the night away and I have numerous drinks. Of course we didn't win any of the raffle prizes.

Toby and I at the apartment getting ready for the evening events.

I run into several employees upon our arrival. Clockwise from top left: Daniel Sam, Ken Bui and his wife, Alex Gregory and his wife, Elvis Lim and Wilson Ng.

More fellow employees. Clockwise from top left: Brian Vernier and fiancee Helen, Bob Geiger, John Harrison and Wife, Andrew Lauder and girlfriend.

Me with co-workers Karolyn Bachelor on the left and Elizabeth Daniels on the right.

Me, Amy Leano and Ken Bui. Inset: Me and Toby!

Karolyn Bachelor and Elizabeth Daniels. Inset top: Mimi Hoang and friend. Inset bottom: Amy Leano and date.

The band performs for the "Havana Nights" themed evening.

Dancing the night away... me and Amy getting into the groove.

Toby and I getting into the rhythm!