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December 9
Gift Exchange with Friends

Julie, Stephanie, Kelly and I get together for a gift exchange. I buy Julie a gift certificate for Burke Williams spa in Santana Row. We first meet at Julie's place downtown San Jose, where Julie makes wonderful Lemon Drops. We then walk to San Pedro Square to have dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop. On our way back we walk through San Jose's "Christmas in the Park" holiday display and the ice skating rink.

Julie making Lemon Drops. Like her new hat too... so stylin'.

Stephanie, Kelly and Julie on our way to dinner.

We have dinner outside at Sonoma Chicken Coop off of San Pedro Square, downtown San Jose.

We checkout the circular ice skating rink around the circle of Palms outside the Fairmont Hotel.

We walk through Christmas in the Park.

Alan the Nutcracker?

We go sleighing???

Steph cuts Kelly's homemade carrot cake.

Gift exchange at Julies!