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December 10
Toby's Holiday Party at the Mark Hopkins

I go with Toby's to his company's holiday party at the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco. Juanita rides up with us to the party. It took us a while to park the car at the hotel, but once we did we were able to enjoy the evening. The night started with an open bar cocktail hour. The dinner and dancing took place in the hotel's infamous "Peacock Room". Toby had steak while I had the fish entree. After the meal we danced to the live band. Toby and i tried to go up to the "Top of the Mark" but there was over an hour wait to enter the lounge, so we decided to go someother day.

Toby and I get ready at the apartment.

Toby, Juanita and me before departing the apartment.

Toby and Juanita at the lobby of the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco.

Toby and I getting ready for our meal in the infamous Peacock Room.

Our table at dinner.

We try to go to the "Top of the Mark" but too crowded.