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December 24 - 25
Christmas 2005

Toby and I exhange gifts at the apartment before I head over to my parents house in Santa Nella with Victoria. We celebrated Christmas with TONS of food and lots of fun. We played with the newest addition to the family.. CHICKA. She was a little ball of energy. Christmas Eve we played holiday tunes on my parents keyboard while Andrew played chords on my dad's ukelele. This Christmas Eve we danced! My parents brought out their boom box and played salsa music. We danced the salsa and did the Electric Slide. After taking formal pictures we opened presents until the we hours of the morning. On Christmas day we were all tired. I stay Christmas Eve with my parents before heading home on Christmas Day.

Our little table top tree at the apartment.

My gifts from Toby: Be Delicious cologne, a scale and beef jerkey!

My gifts to Toby: a sweater and framed photos.

Merry Christas from Alan and Toby!

Victoria and I drive to Santa Nella, we arrive around 1pm. Here I am at my parents house and their tree.

Victoria playing with the newest addition to the family... Chicka!

Alan with little Chicka.

My sister and her husband John soon arrive. Here is my sister with Chicka.

Later that afternoon, my brother, Rose and Cedric arrive. Here my brother plays with Chicka.

Time to play Christmas tunes on the keyboard while Andrew strums on the ukelele.

This is a first... DANCING! My parents break out the latin tunes and we salsa and cha cha!

Andrew, Rose, Victoria and Cedric.

Me and mom.

My parents

The women in the family: Rose, mom, Janell, Victoria and now Chicka.

My sister Janell and her husband John.

The family holiday portrait for 2005!

Now it's time to open presents... Cedric and his gifts. I gave him the GAP sweater and the Crayola magnetic drawing pad.

Victoria and her gifts. I gave her the Harry Potter book.

Rose's gifts. I gave her that pink shirt and also a gray sweater

My and my gifts. I get Friends Season 10, some pots, and kitchen towels.

John's gifts. I gave him the book "Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt.

Andrew's gifts. I gave him the DVD "War of the Worlds"

Janell's gifts. I gave her the Quicken 2006 guide.

Mom's gifts. I gave her the Oprah book and the Chihuahua book with DVD.

Dad's gifts. I gave dad the 49er shirt.