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December 26
Pacifica Pier and San Francisco

There were usually high wave warnings the day after Christmas so Toby and I decided to checkout the big waves over in Pacifica. We walked along the Pacifica pier, which was a first for me. We then drove up to the city and drove around. We stopped by the old Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park and then headed up to the Palace of Legion of Honor, but the museum was closed. We then had lunch at Mel's Diner off of Geary before stopping at the St. Ignatius church, which was also closed.

It was clear but brisk day in Pacifica.

We begin our walk along the Pacifica Pier.

Wow look at those big waves!

Toby and I on the Pacifica Pier.

The big waves pounded the pier, we could feel the pier swaying.

At the old windmill at the edge of Golden Gate Park, It was my first there.

Toby at the windmill.

At the closed Palace of Legion of Honor.

Alan at the museum, with the inset of Rodin's "The Thinker".

FWEE... We stroll around the closed museum.

There were some nice vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge from the museum.

After lunch, we stopped by the St. Ignatius church.