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January 21 - 22
Weekend: Sawyer Camp Trail, Marin Headlands, Point Bonita

On Saturday it was foggy and a little wet, but we decide to go walking on the Millbrae end of Sawyer Camp Trail. The dense fog gave the oak filled hills a spooky atmosphere. Sunday was just the opposite... sunny and clear, so we head past the Golden Gate to the Marin headlands for some gorgeous views of San Francisco. We then drive down to Point Bonita Lighthouse where neither of us had been before. There was a path that led thru a tunnel and then over a suspension bridge before getting the actual lighthouse. Very cool. Afterwards we drove to Sausalito for a late lunch (juicy hamberger than ice cream) before heading home.

Saturday: Early morning we go hiking at Sawyer camp trail in dense fog.

Me and Toby at the earthen dam.

We saw about four deers along the dam embankment.

The mist filled oak forest was full of moss covered trees and banana slugs.

On Sunday, we drive past San Francisco to the Marin Headlands, it was a gorgeous day! Here's Toby!

He's me at the very top of the headlands where there are old military bunker ruins.

Me and Toby on a picture perfect day.


Looking the other way along the coast, you can see Rodeo beach and the rugged northern California coastline.

Toby with the Marin coastline in the background.

On the trek to the lighthouse we enter a cave thru the rocks. The only way to get to the lighthouse.

We wait our turn on the suspension bridge to the lighthouse. Only 2 people at a time are allowed onto the bridge.

Some great views from the lighthouse. There is also a small sea arch next to the lighthouse.

Postcard quality views from the lighthouse.

We have a late lunch in Sausalito where we had some juicy hamburgers and then some ice cream from Lapperts.