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January 25
Cedric's 4th Birthday!

My nephew turned 4 years old. That Wednesday we went to dinner at Tampico's Mexican restaurant in Union City. Then on Sunday, the family gathered at my brother's house in Fremont for a party!

On Wednesday the 25th, we meet at Tamplico's in Union City for dinner... of course I have a margarita!

On Sunday the entire family gather in Fremont to celebrate Cedric's Birthday. Here we are playing with Chicka, my parent's new dog.

The men: Dad, John, Toby, me, Cedric, and Andrew.

The women: Nanay, Victoria, Rose, Janell, and Mom. Why are they all in reddish colors???

It's the birthday boy... CEDRIC.

...Make a wish!...

Rose makes a wish too!

Toby and Chicka!

Smile for the camera! Yes that means you too Victoria!

Cedric opens our gift! A sweater and pants!

Chicka wakes from her nap.