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January 29
Coyote Hills in Fremont

We leave early on our way to Fremont and drive over the Dumbarton Bridge. It was a very clear crisp morning so we visit Coyote Hills Park right on the other side of the bridge.

After the Visitor Center we hick up the mountain. Here I am with Fremont behind me.

Toby at the red rock formation on Red Hill.

Me at the same granite rock formation.

Toby with the bay and Dumbarton Bridge in the background.

On glider hill we gaze across the bay toward San Francisco

It was extremely clear from this vantage point we could see Marin, Oakland, San Francisco, the entire Peninsula, down to the south bay.

Fwee... our standard jumping photos!

On the other side of the hills are some marsh lands.

We sit on a floating pier in the main marsh lake.

... strike a pose...

... Toby and Alan.