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February 18
Pacific Orchid Expo at Fort Mason

We attend this year's orchid love fest at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Afterwards we have lunch at Tadich Grill in the Financial District.

Me at the entrance to the Expo at Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in SF's Marina.

Toby at one of the orchid exhibits in the center of the hall. this display was color coordinated.

There were SO MANY orchids in all sorts of varieties at this expo. Above is the insert is an unusal orchid which resembled a 'grasshopper' bug.

There was SO much color and lavish displays of orchids.

This one display had rare miniature orchids.

This is a view of the entire expo from the rear of the Hall.

The rear half of the hall had vendors selling orchids of all varieties. We didn't purchase any.

The expo had exhibitors from all over the US displaying their unique and unusual orchids.

After the show we had lunch at Tadich Grill in the financial district. It was cold and rainy that afternoon, afterwards we walked thru the Hyatt Regency.