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February 20
Sweeny Ridge Trail

We hike up the trail which leads to the Portola Discovery site, where they discovered the San Francisco Bay. From this high vantage point you can see from the Pacific coast to the San Francisco Bay, Mt. Tamalpias in the north, Mt. Diablo in the east, and Mt. Hamilton in the south.

The beginning of the trail at the end of Sneath Lane in San Bruno. The trail is a service road which leads up to a water tower and old military ruins.

On the climb up you have a great view of one of the reservoirs along the San Andreas.

Toward the top you can see SFO clearly and Mtl Diablo in the east bay.

At the very top is an old military bunker which overlooks the Pacilic and the Bay.

here the Marin headlans loom in the background as well as portions of San Francisco. You can see the Farllon Islands clearly from here (see inset)

FWEE.. we had to jump!

The Portola discover site and memorial.

The hike down the hill was COLD but breathtaking!