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March 19
Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park

On a gorgeous Sunday, we head up to Golden Gate Park to stroll around Stowe Lake. I've never been there before, it was nice to walk around the lake, on the center island up on Strawberry Hill. Huntington Falls was located on the island. One of these days we'll paddle boat on the lake. Afterwards we walked through the botanical gardens.

We park along the road which circles the lake, then we strolled around and took TONS of photos. There were a lot of turtles in the lake too.

People were canoeing and paddling on the lake. There was a cool stone looking bridge.

Me and Toby from the boat house. I was hungry so I later bought some pop corn.

While on the island we discovered the fascinating Huntington Falls.

There was a photo op around every corner.

The falls went the entire height of Strawberry Hill down to Stowe Lake.

Toby by the falls.

At the base was an intricate stepping stone walk way.

Just past the falls was a chinese temple.

Of course I had to do my jumping pose, this time on the bridge.

Me and Toby at the botanical gardens.

Me by some horsetails, and Toby by some very bright flowers.