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March 26
Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Año Nuevo State Reserve

Toby and I drive down the coast toward Año Nuevo State Reserve to see the elephane seals. While on our drive down we stop at Pigeon Point to visit the historical lighthouse (the tallest on the west coast). We then drove down to Año Nuevo but it was toward the end of the season and there were hardly any elephant seals, so we didn't do the tour. Afterwards we drove up to Half Moon Bay.

The historical Pigeon Point lighthouse along the San Mateo coastline.

Alan and Toby sitting on a log.

From the overlook, we saw some whales out in the open ocean.

Toby and Alan at the lighthouse.

Alan at Año Nuevo state reserve. Behind me is the island with the remains of an old building which is now over run with elephant seals.

Toby and Alan at Año Nuevo state park.