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April 8 - 9
Sawyer Camp Trail and Musee Mechanique/SF

These are the first events using my new small pocket Canon SD600 camera! (after my Sony DSCV1 broke). On a dry Saturday, we walked along Sawyer Camp Trail in Milbrae (very crowded that day). On Sunday, we drove up to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf where we went into the free Musee Mechanque, which houses old games and displays from the old "Playland by the Sea" amusement park. We then walked over to the Balclutha ship along the Hyde street pier. We then drove over to USF's Lone Mountain Campus, a location we often saw from various vantage points within the city, we just wanted to check it out.

Toby and I along the Sawyer Camp Trail in Milbrae, with one of the lakes behind us.

There were no deers on this walk! Usually there are numerous deers on the dam.

This is the first 'self' picture taken with the new camera!

The wall at the end of the dam was covered with moss. Some trees had small mushrooms growing out of their trunks.

Some trees had such thick moss that it seemed like carpet.

A nice macro photo of a wild Columbine flower.

On Sunday we head up to the Musee Mechanique. Here is Laughing Sally!

There was NO way I could beat this arm wrestler dude!

We walked along the wharf and had some clam chowder and a shrimp cocktail. Here are boats lined up along the marina.

At the end of Hyde Park is the famed old sailing ship... The Balclutha.

Me atop "Lone Mountain" where the campus of USF is located.

Some pretty flowers which lined the campus of USF.