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April 15
Atrascadero Preserve and Japanese Gardens

On Saturday, we pick up Sonny and take her for a walk at Atrascadero Open Preserve in the hills above Palo Alto. We take a hike up to the lake. On the way back we ran into several deer grazing on the green hills. After we dropped off Sonny, we made a short side trip to the Japanese Gardens in San Mateo's Central Park. The maples were growing with leaves in numerous colors, very bright!

We start our hike on the often muddy trails of the wet hills above Palo Alto (between rain storms)

Up toward the lake we encounter a cool running stream where Sonny was able to take a refreshing drink.

We see a small herd of deer grazing on the hills.

In San Mateo's Japanese Gardens we see the numerous maple trees and blooming trees.

Look at the three different colors of maples.

It was very calm and quiet this Saturday afternoon at the park.