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May 20-22
"Tatsu" ACE event at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Fellow ACEmember Jim and I attended Southern California ACE "Six Flags Anniversary" event at Magic Mountain. We used this opportunity to ride the new 'flying' coaster "Tatsu". Jim met me at my parents house on Saturday and I drove us down where we stayed two nights at the Hampton Inn in Valencia. We arrived early at the park on Sunday around 7:30am so we can park and register. They opened the park for the ACE members at 8am where they offered ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) on four coasters: "X", "Viper", "Revolution", and "Tatsu". We decided to go on the new coaster "Tatsu" last. We first rode "X" twice (no wait): front row and then last row, then we rode "Revolution" (once), and then "Viper" (once), then up to "Tatsu" where they had donuts and drinks available for us early risers. I had a donut and an apple juice. THEN i rode "Tatsu" four times (front, backish, middle)... the new flying coaster was very INTENSE in certain sections, especially the "G" forces on the pretzel shaped loop... way to intense for continuous riding. Also the donut and drinks didn't help! I turned GREEN and was natious. I sat at a nearby table and just placed my head on my folded arms and rested. After 30 minutes we rode on the tame "Ninja" coaster and I almost lost it.

After ERT, the park opened to the public at 10am. We then took our time riding various attractions and then headed out of the park to take a nap and eat dinner outside the park at Outback Steakhouse. We entered the park around 7pm and did more coaster riding until the evening ERT at 10pm. Before 10pm we rode the huge wooden coaster "Colossus" for over 40 minutes straight! Then at 10pm, the skys opened up and it started to rain, of course our evening ERT was from from 10pm to midnight on the coasters "Scream", "Goliath" and "Tatsu". We rode "Scream" twice (both in front), then "Goliath" twice (front row, then second to back). It was raining hard at that point that an 85mph coaster in rain felt like someone shooting pellets straight into your face. Then we ventured up to "Tatsu" in the pouring rain where we rode it three times in the dark. My stomach was a little emptier at that time and I didn't get sick, of course we were SOAKED... oh well, what die hard coasters fans will do for FUN.... FWEEEEEEEE

We arrive at the Hampton Inn on Saturday afternoon, it was sunny and warm so we hung out by the pool.

Sunday at the park we first rode "X" twice. Then we rode "Revolution" and "Viper" before heading up to "Tatsu"...

We're on top of the hill where "Tatsu" resides. We rode it four times that morning...

This pretzel loop element on "Tatsu" made me SICK. This was the first time I turned GREEN.

When the park opened at 10am to the public, we roamed the park and hit some rides.

The ACE event included lunch and raffel prizes. I actually WON something! Two "Tatsu" water bottles!

We took some pictures with several of the Looney Tune characters.

Tatsu is a very prominent coaster situated right on top of the hill.

The hilltop location of the ride made it feel MUCH taller while riding it.

Jim was able to FINALLY ride "Deja Vu" when it opened later that day.

LOOK.. we actually rode on a merry-go-round! Low thrill factor... but fun none the less.

Before 10pm. we rode "Colossus" over and over and over again... over 40 minutes.