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June 24-25
San Francisco Gay Pride Weekend

It was a busy yet fun weekend. On Saturday, Toby and I spent the early part in Fremont where we walked the perimeter of Lake Elizabeth. Later that evening Kelly picked up me and Louie and we headed up to San Francisco's "Pink Saturday" celebration along the Castro. While there we met up with Glen and John and danced the night away at Badlands. Early Sunday, Toby and i biked to downtown Burlingame where they had the annual Burlingame Criterium bike races. Later that morning we rode BART to San Francisco where we saw the massive Gay Pride Parade down Market Street. We thenheaded down to the Civic Center where they we had lunch and enjoyed all the festivities.

Toby and I walk around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, then we head to San Mateo where to go to the Japanese Tea Gardens.

Me, Kelly and Louie walking around the Castro during the annual Pink Saturday celebration.

Me, Kelly and Louis waiting to get into Badlands.

After dancing for a little bit, we head outside to cool off, that's where we ran into Glen and John.

Oh the dance floor got hot, so off went the shirts.

On Sunday, Toby and I rode to downtown Burlingame where they had the annual Criterium bike races.

Later that morning we take BART to the parade.

Numerous floats and characters walked from the Embarcadero toward the Civic Center.

The ever popular 'Colt' men had a very meaty float.

We got our usual chicken on a stick for lunch. We rested on the greens in front of City Hall.

It was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco.