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June 29
Dinner at the Tied House in Mountain View

Toby, Stephanie, Julie, Kelly, Louie and I meet for dinner at the Tied House Restaurant and Brewery in downtown Mountain View to celebrate Steph's and Louie's birthday (both 29). We then head over to Steph's place to see her new puppy.

Alan, Steph and Julie at the Tied House in Mt. View.

Alan, Julie and Toby.

Kelly and Louie.

Jules and Louie.

After dinner, Steph opens up her birthday gifts.We give her a Pottery Barn gift card.

Louie opens up his gifts. We give him a Macy's gift card.

The entire gang at the Tied House.

After dinner, we head over to Steph'splace in Mt. View to see her new puppy!

Her new puppy wasn't the only pet in the house.