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July 2
Cañada Road and Stanford

We take advantage of the Sunday road closures on Cañada Road in San Mateo to finally bike ride to the Pulgas Water Temple (accessible only on bike). After our bike ride we drove over to Stanford to walk around the campus and take in the views from atop the Hoover Tower.

Cañada road is closed for biking on Sundays. It was a little cool and windy that day.

We rode down to the Pulgas Water Temple, where the Hetch Hetchy aquaduct empties into Crystal Springs Resv. (SF water supply)

A very ornate temple.


We relax before fighting the wind back to the car.

Alan at the Pulgas Water Temple.

Enjoying the sunny day at Stanford's Quad.

Views of the Quad from atop the Hoover Tower.

Toby at the top of Hoover Tower.