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July 15 - 16
Tobin-Clark Estate and Thousand Trails

This warm weekend we mostly ran errands and stayed local. Saturday we drove up along the ridge where Collage of San Mateo is located to get a view of the $42million Tobin-Clark Estate (or at least as much as you can see). That evening we strolled along the waterfront of Burlingame to watch the sunset. On Sunday, we drove down to Morgan Hill where my parents were camping so we can swim in the pool. It was 100 degrees down at Thousand Trails. That evening we had dinner at the Murphy's.

Toby overlooking San Mateo and Mt. Diablo way in the background.

Alan above the Tobin Clark estate. San Francisco is way in the background.

We stroll along the Burlingame water front where Benihana's is located. Here we watch the sunset.

On Sunday we head down to Thousand Trails in Morgan Hill. Here Toby plays with Chicka!

Me and my parents (and Chicka)

We head to the pool to cool off in the 100 degree weather..

Me and Toby by the pool.

That evening we have dinner at the Murphy's, where Moira made a wonderful lasagna.

Time to chillout with a little yoga and meditation.