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July 22
Titanic Exhibition at the Metreon

We head up to the city to see the Titanic Exhibition during it's tour stop in San Francisco. It was on the top level of the Metreon. We were not able to take photos within the exhibit, just these pictures before you enter. San Francisco was one of the cooler places in the bay area that day. After the tour of the exhibit, we drove over to Pine and Polk and had lunch at Grubsteak, a cute little diner in a converted trolly car.

The entrance to the exhibit had a model of the Titanic

We took more photos after we toured the exhibit.

Outside the Metreon was a beautiful, yet warm day at Yerba Buena gardens.

Alan at the second floor of the Metreon.

Having lunch at Grubsteak on Pine by Polk in San Francisco.