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July 30
Mt. Diablo and more...

The weekend of July 29-30. On Saturday, amoungst all our errands, we stopped by the rest stop on 280 in San Mateo to see Father Junipero Serra. On Sunday, we drove over to Walnut Creek and ascended the very top of Mt. Diablo, over 3800 feet up with spectacular views of the entire bay area, the central valley and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This was my first time every driving through the Caldecott Tunnel as well. Afterwards we drove around Oakland and had lunch and ice cream at Fenton's Ice Creamery. That evening we went over to walk Sonny along the bay, where it was nice and NOT windy.

The 280 reststop in San Mateo where the statue of Junipero Serra point out toward the Pacific.

Toby atop Mt. Diablo with the bay area in the background.

Alan with the bay area in the background.

Atop the observation deck with the delta and north bay areas in the background.

Toby with the central valley and the Sierra Nevada's in the background.

Inside the museum you can step ontop of the VERY peak of the mountain.

We had wonderful 360 degree views from the top of Mt. Diablo.

Toby and Alan with the coastal range.

Is that a small Sundae? We stop off at Fenton's for lunch and ice cream.

That evening we take Sonny for a walk along the bay shore.

It was a very colorful sunset and it wasn't windy either... rare.

The clouds made for some very interesting pictures.