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August 2 - 5
Tahoe Donner

We spend a few days relaxing up at Tahoe Donner. Toby's family rented a large four bedroom cabin on Chalet Way. We left after work on Wednesday and arrived in Tahoe around 11pm. Thursday we biked around the neighborhood and later drove down to the pool to swim. Friday we drove to the lake toward the Nevada side to Secret Cove and found a rock by the shore to layout and get some sun. Saturday we packed up and headed home, along the way we had breakfast at Awful Annies in Auburn.

The cabin at 11500 Chalet Way in Tahoe-Donner by Truckee. A large 4 bedroom-4 bath home.

The interior was very open with a huge kitchen table and open kitchen layout.

Moira teaching Georgia how to use her potty trainer, or is it a hat?

Toby and I taking advantage of the fresh mountain air and biking around Tahoe Donner.

The golf courses which weave through Tahoe Donner provided some great photo ops.

Toby, Sheila, Georgia and Charley enjoying the afternoon by the pool.

Pool time! The weather was in the 80's which was perfect for our time in Tahoe, and perfect for the pool.

Toby and Alan catching some rays and cooling off by the pool.

Spencer and Charlie jumping into the sofa cushions while in their underwear.

Georgia having fun! and Rob spinning Georgia in the air! FWEE!

Friday we head over to Secret Cove and find a rock to sun ourselves.

The water was a little cool, but definitely swimmable.

Toby and I find the perfect flat rock in Secret Cove. The water level seemed very high this year, not much sand.

Toby and Alan in Secret Cove on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.

We hike out from Secret Cove (in background)

Sheila with Georgia showing off her pink toe nails which Moira applied.

On our way home, we stop off at Awful Annies in Auburn for breakfast.