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August 6
Gray Whale Cove and Moss Beach

Early Sunday we head over to Devil's Slide around just south of Pacifica. Highway 1 just opened past the land slide area giving us access to Grey Whale Cove (which was inaccesible before). So we decided to check it out, on our drive we stop by the beach to relax. We then drive down the coast to Moss Beach and check out Fitzgerald Marine Preserve before heading back home for lunch.

Walking along the beach at Grey Whale Cove.

it was perfecly sunny and temperate while on the sand.

We didn't stay too long at the beach but long enough for me to be silly.

Toby and I at the Moss Beach Distillery which overlooks the beach.

We decide to head down to the beach by the Distillery.

It was very nice and clear along the beach, although this beach had TONS of seaweed.

We hike along the trail at the Fitzgerald preserve which hugged the cliff edge.

There was a spooky grove of trees at this preserve which reminded us of the forest in the Blairwitch Project.

The end of the trail led to another beach which was more populated.