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August 19
Biking then taking Charley to Isobune

Saturday morning we take a bike ride along the Bay Trail from Burlingame to Coyote Hills and then back along the inner trail of Burlingame which parallels the 101. That afternoon we head down to Redwood Shores to walk Sonny. That evening we take Charley out for sushi at Isobune in Burlingame and then some ice cream.

Toby and I on our bike ride along the Bay Trail in Burlingame.

Coyote Hills in San Mateo in the background.

The part of the trail that parallels 101 in Burlingame.

Taking Sonny for a walk in Redwood Shores, Charley comes for a bike ride.

We walk to the observation platform by the bay.

Toby swings Georgia at his parents house before we head out for sushi.

... It's Charley's turn.

Having sushi at Isobune.

having ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Eating ice cream out on Burlingame Ave.