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August 20
"Light of the Piazza" at the Orpheum

On Sunday, we see the matinee showing of the Broadway musical "Light in the Piazza" at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco. Earlier that day, Julie and Kelly pick us up and we have lunch at Hola! mexican restaurant in Burlingame. Then we head up to the city where we meet Louie for the show. After the 2pm matinee show we head over to Citizen Cake for dessert before they close.

Kelly and Julie at Hola!'s where we have breakfast foods.

Toby and Kelly.

Me and Jules.

Jules and Kelly exiting Hola's (notice Jule's new purse!)

Me and Toby outside the Orpheum theater in San Francisco.

Kelly, Louie, Jules, me and Toby at Citizen Cake in San Francisco.