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September 3
Water Skiing at San Luis Reservoir

Sunday I head over to my parents place for a day on the lake. We ski at the upper (large) portion of San Luis Resevoir. The conditions were perfectly smooth for a day of skiing and we arrived early before the crowds arrived. Andrew and his family was there and my sister and her friend Janet came up from Marina. We all waterskiied, Ski Bob'd and kneeboarded. Afterward we met up at my parents house for a BBQ.

We set up 'camp' at the Goose Head area of San Luis Reservoir.

People on the boat, Andrew, Victoria, Cedric, Janell and her friend Janet adjusting her skiis.

My first ski of the day.

Janell the ski instructor!

Is the water that cold Rose? Rose attempts to water ski.

Cedric practicing his Ski Bob technique before heading out....

Cedric and Andrew out on the Ski Bob, but eventually 'biffed' during high speeds. Cedric says, 'you were suppose to go slower... not faster!"

Next up on the ski bob... Victoria and Rose!

High level of difficulty... no hands!

Cedric relaxing after the harrowing fall from the ski bob.

We head into shore for lunch.

After lunch Andrew shows off his technique on the knee board.

Andrew during some high speed kneeboarding action.

People on the boat.. and Chicka too.

Janell gaining some speed on an outside pass.

Alan trying to get some rooster tail action.

Janet and Janell at my parents house for the BBQ afterwards.