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September 22 - 29
Hawaii Vacation - Kauai and Waikiki

Toby and I spend a vacation to Hawaii! We spend four nights in Poipu, Kauai and three nights in Waikiki, Oahu.

Friday, September 22 - to Kauai

We depart from San Jose to Honolulu then to Lihue, Kauai on Hawaiian Airlines. We arrive early afternoon.

Upon arrival we get our rental car and drive down to Poipu. We rent a condo at Kuhio Shores (unit 211).

Wow what a view... ocean front! Only a few yards to the ocean. We can see surfers and sea turtles right from our balcony!

After getting settled in we walk around the complex and take in the views.

We walk next door where the Beach House Restaurant is located, they have a nice park like area just outside the restaurant.

Lawai Beach is located next to the restaurant,where we saw a huge sea turtle next to the shore. We then crossed the street to get some shaved ice!

We then hopped in the car and drove up the road to Spouting Horn.

The large swells made for large plumes out of the blow hole.

After getting groceries in Koloa town we head out to check out the setting sun from Lawai Beach.

The sunset created wonderful warm rays across the sky. This was the first on numerous specatular sunsets on our trip.

A solo surfer comes ashore as the golden sun begins to set over the horizon.

For our first vacation dinner we go to Keoki's Paradise in Poipu. We have Opah and Ono fish meals.

Saturday, September 23 - Kauai

Saturday we hit the road early toward the other side of the island, we first stop off at Opakae Falls next to the Wailua river.

Just across the falls was a vista overlooking the Wailua River.

We head to the Princeville Hotel to the overlook just outside the hotel. Then we enter the lobby of the hotel for better views of Hanalei Bay.

Earlier that morning we rented snorkeling equipment from Snorkel Bob's.

We head to Tunnels Beach past Hanalei Bay where we use our snorkel equipment.

The calm clear waters made for perfect snorkeling. But my camera lens got salty (sorry for haze).

Additional views of the clear calm waters off the north shore of Kauai (the south shore had swells).

Getting ready to snorkel!

Numerous tropical fish swarmed around us as we desperately tried to figure out the underwater camera.

After a few hours in the sun we head to Hanalei and stop off at the green church.

In Hanalei we have lunch at Bubba's Burgers. Two double cheese burgers, onion rings and a coke!

We make a short stop at the Hanalei Valley overlook.

(I finally clean my camera lens). On our way back to Poipu we stop at the Kilauea Lighthouse.

When we left, we tried to get into the wrong rental car! Luckily we found 'our' car!

We make a short stop at the totally deserted Donkey Beach.

Happy in paradise! After the beach we stop off at Lappert's ice cream at the Coconut Marketplace in Lihue.

For dinner we go to Brennecke's on Poipu Beach. Before dinner there was a wonderful sunset from Poipu Beach Park.

Sunday, September 24 - Kauai

We wake up early and head over to Port Allen for our Na Pali catamarran cruise with Kauai Sea Tours.

We board the 60' catamarran "Lucky Lady" and head off around the island toward the Na Pali coast.

As we approach Nohili Point we search for dolphins... looks like we found some...

We run into pods of both bottlenose and spinner dolphins.

The catamarran approaches (very close) to one of the sea caves along the Na Pali coast.

We approach the rugged cliffs of the coast before arriving at our turning point... Kalaulau Valley.

The catamarran stopped off the coast to do some snorkeling. There were big swells causing a murky sea.

We did see some fish, but I really wanted to get up and close to a turtle but none were to be found.

After the snorkeling the catamarran headed back to Port Allen.

We stopped by the Kauai Coffee Company after the catamarran trip.

After a short rest we head over to the Grand Hyatt and Shipwreck Beach.

We relax on Shipwreck beach before noticing that there was a trail heading up to the cliffs above the beach...

Toby up on the cliffs above Shipwreck Beach, we notice that the trail continued... so did we...

The strange rock formations were actually lithified ancient sand dunes.

The heavy pounding of the sea was slowly eroding this dramatic coast line.

We watch the sunset from Lawai Beach before heading off to Koloa Town for pizza.

Monday, September 25 - Kauai

Monday we wake up early and drive up to Waimea Canyon. The weather was clear which made for perfect viewing conditions.

The first vista was of the Waimea Canyon, 'The Grand Canyon of the Pacific'.

Up at the top was the view point for the Kalalau Valley along the Na Pali coast.

More views of the Kalalau Valley.

We head back to the condo and decide to go snorkeling on Lawai Beach. We saw a larger variety of tropical fish on this beach.

The water was a little rough but it was clear for good viewing... and still no sea turtles!

Later that afternoon we drive to Hilo Hatties and to view the Wailua Falls, better known as the "Fantasy Island" falls.

We get ready for our last dinner on Kauai.

We have a fabulous meal at The Beach House Restaurant.

Tuesday, September 26 - to Oahu

Tuesday morning and our last time in Kauai, we pack and head out to the aiport to return our car. We arrive in Honolulu by 11am.

We take a taxi to our hotel, ResortQuest Waikiki Beach. Our room (2207) had a wonderful ocean view of Waikiki Beach.

The hotel had a very 'retro' Hawaii decor and atmosphere. The room had two doubles bed and a nice flat screen tv, although the room was very small.

After getting settled in we have lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise (cheeseburgers and mai tai's)

After lunch we head over to checkout the International Marketplace.

It was a little cloudy this day but it was still warm and muggy. We walk down Kalakaua Avenue and down Waikiki Beach.

While strolling along Waikiki we walk through the historic Royal Hawaiian hotel.

We walk all the way down to Kapilolani Park and Queen's Beach.

We headed back to the hotel and decided to take quick dips in the pool. Our balcony was directly above the pool.

Before dinner we stroll along the beach to watch another amazing sunset.

Sunset by 'the Ponds' section of Waikiki Beach which is just across the street from our hotel.

The sky glowed red when the sun reached the horizon. After sunset we have a light dinner at Wolfgang Puck express.

Later that evening we head over to Hula's bar just around the block from our hotel.

Wednesday, September 27 - Oahu

On our first full day in Oahu we take a tour to Pearl Harbor, we were in group three for that early morning. (we left the hotel at 6:50am)

After an emotional movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor, we board the boat to the USS Arizona Memorial.

We stay on the memorial for a short while before heading back to land. We notice that there is a T.J.Murphy, Jr. on the plaque... hmmm.

We leave Pearl Harbour around 10am and head for a short tour of Honolulu. We drive up to the Punchbowl Cemetary which has great views of Waikiki. We then head downtown...

Downtown we exit the bus to see the King Kamehameha statue.

Some of us cross the street to see the Iolani Palace. We then board the bus back to our hotel.

Now it's time to head to the beach and soak in some sun. We relax on the sands of Queen's Beach section of Waikiki, next to the Kapiolani Park.

It was more sunny today, so it was perfect for laying out in the sun. We often had to cool off in the ocean.

Ahh... relaxing in paradise.

We have an early dinner (4:30pm) at Tiki's Grill at our hotel. I order Opakapaka for fish dinner (and two Mai Tai's)

At Tiki's we had a nice view of the beach from our Lanai table. For desert we had bread pudding in a coconut shell... which we brought home.

Back at the hotel we see part of the sunset from our hotel's balcony.

But we head down to the beach to see the sun setting from Kapiolani Park and thru the palm trees.

Almost every night had some spectacular yet different type of sunset.

Thursday, September 28 - Oahu

After breakfast, we take the public bus to Diamond Head, we then make the trek up to the top.

Toward the end of the hike we take numerous steps and go thru tunnels, but it was all worth it for the spectacular views...

After huffing and puffing and sweaty tourist, we made it to the top of the 700+ foot peak of Diamond Head.

From this vista we can see the entire Waikiki beach front and our hotel.

For the rest of the afternoon we sun at Queens Beach, then the calmer waters of the Ponds, then finally by the pool of our hotel.

We head over to the Outrigger Waikiki for our 5pm dinner reservations at Duke's Canoe Club.

We get poolside seat at Duke's. I order Ahi for my last fish meal.

After dinner we head out to the beach and watch the setting sun. Here we are in front of the Outrigger Waikiki.

That evening revealed the most spectular 'firey' sunset on our trip.

We walked along Waikiki up to the Hilton Hawaiian Village before walking back to our hotel.

My friend Alberto from Hale'iwa (North Shore) came down to visit. We had drinks and dancing at Hula's.

.Friday, September 29 - Oahu

Before our ride at 10am to the airport we walk around Waikiki for one last time.

We stop to take pictures by the waterfall on Kalakaua Ave in front of Waikiki Beach.

Toby by the water fall. We then shop at International Marketplace before hopping on the shuttle to the airport and eventually back home... ALOHA!