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October 21
Big Sur and Ventana Wilderness

Toby and I join his family who went camping at the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur. They camped on Friday and Saturday night, we just went for the day. We drove down in a loaner Chevy Aveo and we brought Sonny along with us for the trip.

On our way down we stop by the Rocky Creek bridge for some spectacular views of the Big Sur coastline.

Toby and Sonny at the Rocky Creek Bridge viewpoint.

We meet up with th rest of the clan in Ventana Wilderness campgrounds. They camped Friday and Saturday night.

Cameron, Olivia, and Charley in a burned out redwood tree.

Our campsites, 25, 26, and 27.

Toby and I go for a walk up to Ventana Inn, not far from the campsite.

Later that afternoon we drove down the Big Sur coast to take in some views.

There was intermittant fog along the coast but very warm. Here is a photo of our loaner Chevy Aveo.

Toby and Alan at one of the numerous vista points.

We park and hike down the trail at Partington Cove. At the bottom of the trail was a bridge and a cave which led to the cove.

The rugged Partington Cove.

That evening we had hamburgers for dinner.

TWe celebrated Olivia's 7th birthday.