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December 15
Friends Gift Exchange / Game Night

We meet up at Steph's place in Sunnyvale for a wonderful holiday dinner, gift exchange, and game playing!

Jules bakery open for delivery!... is that a Lemon Drop in your hand?

The guys hanging out in the living room.

Alan and Kelly by the Christmas tree.

We visit with the puppies (Meli and Cash) out in the garage.

Toby playing with Cash.

Toby and Julie

Alan, Julie, Kelly and Stephanie

Toby, Julie, Kelly, and Stephanie

Steph opens her gifts from Julie.

Julie opens her BR gift card from Stephanie.

Kelly opens his Border's gift card from Toby.

Toby opens his Kabuki Spa gift certificate from Louie.

Alan opens his Kabuki Spa gift certicate from Kelly.

Louie opens his Crate and Barrel gift card from Alan.

We get marble framed photos of our Zuni Cafe dinner.

Louie, Alan and Brian out for a smokie.

Brian, Steph and Louie holding their tongues during the "Challange" round of the game "Would You Rather..."

Toby and Kelly exchange "socks" during another Challange Round of the game "Would You Rather..."