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December 24-25
Christmas in Santa Nella

This year we spend Christmas in Santa Nella. I leave early on the 24th to spend two days with the family. My dad's relatives Lisa and Ephrem came up from San Diego. Mike comes and visits on Christmas Day. [Andrew, Rose and Cedric were on a road trip to Texas this week, my sister Janell dropped off presents that Saturday, she wasn't able to spend the holidays because John her husband wasn't feeling too good.]

Martha, Steve and Cameron visit our cottage the morning of Christmas Eve. They go out to breakfast at Mike's Cafe in Menlo Park... I leave for S.Nella.

I arrive in Santa Nella around 11am. Victoria and I start to put together a 1000 piece puzzle.

My parents house all up in lights.

Our relatives from San Diego, Lisa and her husband Ephrem come up and spend the holidays at my parents.

Victoria and I in front of the tree.

Santa Chicka!

Me, my parents, Victoria and Chicka in front of the tree.

We are then joined in with Lisa and Ephrem in our group photos.

The family get's custom calendars.

Chicka got a new luxury bed... she crawled right into the bed and fell asleep.

Victoria and her gifts.

I get a rice cookeer, workout clothes and pewter figurines amoungst other items.

Lisa and some of her gifts, like this shell necklace.

Ephrem gets a dry/wet vaccum.

Mom got some books and jewelry.

Dad and his gifts. I gave him the fish scale and the Windows book.

On Christmas Day, Mike drove over from Milpitas to spend the afternoon. Here he plays with Chicka.

Mike opens up his gifts. Mike gave me the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD.

Family photos on Christmas Day.

Mom and Mike.

The puzzle is FINALLY done... but with only 999 pieces... Chicka chewed up one piece.

On Christmas Day night, I drive back to Menlo Park where Toby and I exchange gifts.

Toby got me the Devils Wears Prada DVD and a Jamba juice card.