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January 14
Wunderlich Park in Woodside

On a very cold January Sunday, we drive over to Wunderlich Park in Woodside to tour the redwood forests. This property was once owned by the coffee magnet, Folgers. The old Folger Estate Stables are located in the park as well as other old buildings and features. We hiked the Bear Gulch Trail up toward Redwood Flats, then back down toward the old water holding area now known as Salamader Flat. We hiked down the Madrone Trail.

Click here for information on Wunderlich Park
Click here for information on the Folger Estate Stable

Just above the parking area is the historic Folger Estate Stable which is a privately run horse stable.

At the top of Redwood Flat. There were numerous stands of very tall coastal redwood trees.

Along the path was a nice 'seat' between the trees... we rested here.

Alan striking a pose.

The old water holding area is now green with algae and a breeding place for black newts.

Near the parking area was this old structure which was part of the historic stables.