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January 20
Monterey Bay Aquarium and Dennis the Menace Park
to Celebrate Cedric's 5th Birthday

The family celebrates Cedric's 5th Birthday with a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a picnic at Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey. While at Dennis the Menace Park, Johanna, Nestor and the new month old baby Marielle stop by.

Click here for the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.
Click here for .pdf information on Dennis the Menace Park

The 600lbs Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) in the Outer Bay exhibit at the Aquarium.

Mom showing Cedric some sealife.

The Coastal Aviary zone at the Aquarium.

One of the new attractions by the Touch Pools.

We watch the scuba show at the large Kelp Forest aquarium.

Cedric and a large Jelly Fish.

Look at all the Mackrel's swimming in the same direction.

The family posing outside.

Cedric in the "Splash" zone (and also in a "penguin" egg.

We leave the aquarium for Dennis the Menace Park.

I see Marielle for the first time!

The new mom, Johanna and a sleeping Marielle.

Johanna and Marielle. Last month when we visited Marielle was still inside mommy!

Toby and I playing in the park!

Me, Nestor and Andrew.

Smile for he camera!

The new rock wall replaced the rotating crane.

Welcome to Dennis the Menace Park!