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February 10
Dad's 69th Birthday Celebration in Santa Nella

We celebrate my dad's 69th birthday at their home in Santa Nella. Toby and I drive down that rainy and foggy Saturday, on our way we stop off at Casa De Fruta and then the Romero Visitor Center at San Luis Reservoir. The family takes my Dad out to dinner at Espana Restaurant in Los Banos.

Click here for more information on San Luis Reservoir's Romero Visitor Center.
Click here for Espana Restaurant in Los Banos

Toby at the Romero Visitor Center overlooking a very full San Luis Reservoir.

Me playing with Chicka at my parents house in Santa Nella.

Mom and Chicka.

Rose, Andrew, me and Chicka.

Toby playing with Chicka.

Hanging out in the living room.

Chicka won't let go of her toys!

Dad opens his gifts, mostly dive stuff.

More dive stuff? (and some cake)

I give dad a dive knife.

The family at dinner at Espana Restaurant in Los Banos.

Dad blows out his birthday candle with Cedric.