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February 17 - 19
President's Day Weekend

On President's Day weekend we took advantage of the unusally warm Saturday to go hiking along the ridge at Castle Rock State Park above Saratoga. We hike to Castle Rock, Castle Rock Falls / Overlook, and Goat Rock Overlook. From Goat Rock you can see the Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean along the San Mateo coastline. Castle Rock is popular with rock climbers.

Click here for information on Castle Rock State Park

Then afterwards we drove down to Oak Meadow Park located right next to Vasona Park in Los Gatos. While at the park we rode the $2 mini train which takes a short tour of Vasona Park.

Click here for information on the Billy Jones Railroad in Oak Meadow Park

On Monday we ran errands early and then drove over to the Watertower in Palo Alto, then walked over to the historic "El Palo Alto" redwood tree which is where Portola set up camp while he discovered San Francisco Bay. Later that evening we drove up to San Francisco and Japantown where we walked along Japantown Center before having our communal bath and massage at Kabuki Springs Spa. We then had Japanese dinner nearby.

Click here for information on the Kabuki Springs Spa.

Saturday, February 17 - Castle Rock State Park

Up at the actual rock of Castle Rock, a short hike from the parking lot.

This rock is popular with beginning rock climbers, here we are behind the rock.

We hike down to Castle Rock falls, where some people were rapelling.

Numerous rocks along the trails were covered in a thick pelt of moss.

The view from Goat Rock overlook. In the background is Monterey Bay.

Way off in the background is the Pacific Ocean along the San Mateo Coast.

Saturday, February 17 - Oak Meadow Park / Vasona Park, Los Gatos; Downtown Los Gatos

The Billy Jones Railroad at Oak Meadow Park.

We take the short $2 trip around Vasona Park.

Monday, February 18 - El Palo Alto, Pacific Shores, Japantown / Kabuki Springs Spa

The Watertower in Palo Alto

"El Palo Alto" the tree which Palo Alto is named after.

The bridge near El Palo Alto

We shop by Pacific Shores to take photos of flowers.

Toby in Japantown Center

We use our gift certificates at the Kabuki Springs Spa in San Francisco.