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February 23
Legally Blonde and Kelly's 40th Birthday!

The gang gets together to celebrate Kelly's 40th birthday (Feb 24th) with a dinner at a musical in San Francisco. Jules is the designated 'bus' for our journey, she picks up Kelly and Stephanie before heading to our little cottage in Menlo Park. It was their first time to our place. After a short visit we board the 'bus' and head up to Louie's place in San Francisco before heading down to the Castro for dinner at the seafood restaurant "Catch". We rushed out of dinner and made a mad dash over to the Golden Gate Theater where we barely made the opening of the pre-Broadway musical "Legally Blonde". This was the last performance before the show makes it's Broadway premiere in April. After the fantastic show, we headed back to Louie's place to celebrate Kelly's birthday witth cake and gifts.

Laura Bell Bundy (Elle Woods) and Richard Blake (Warner)

Click here for information of the musical Legally Blonde
Click here for information on Catch restaurant

Jules, Kelly and Steph visit our little Menlo Park cottage.

Jules and Steph join us for photos in front of the cottage.

Kelly, Julie and Toby at Louie's place in San Francisco before dinner.

Steph and I at Louies. We play with Louie's new cat! (Steph finds a tape worm... eww)

We have dinner at Catch on the Castro before the show.

Is that lobster bisque?

Kelly's birthday dessert at Catch.

Kelly lights up! A yummy chocolate cake!


Jules give a box of See's candy and a BB&B gift card

Steph gives a BB&B gift card as well..

Louie gives music, autographed Dav Koz album, and an iPod

Toby and I give Kelly a framed picture and a Target gift card.

The gang!

Jules get a new 'round' toilet seat!