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April 6
Toby's 42nd Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Toby's 42nd birthday on Good Friday, his actual birthday is the 2nd. We celebrate at Julie's home in downtown San Jose (thanks Jules for all your work!). We walk to dinner at the Paragon Restaurant in downtown. We had wonderful meals and their signature "Ferrari" drink. We then head back to Jule's home for the celebratory cake and gifts. (Beautiful cake from famous Aki's bakery) We then watched a tape of Julie and Brian on the "Price is Right".

Click here for information on the Paragon Restaurant
Click here for information on Aki's Bakery

At Jule's house, beautiful flowers, drinks, friends and Jelly Bellys. Steph gives Jules blue hydrangias.

Louie, Kelly, Jules, Toby and Alan in her kitchen.

At the Paragon restaurant located on the first floor of the Hotel Montgomery in downtown San Jose.

At the entryway to the restaurant on our way out.

Walking from the restaurant down Market St back to Julie's home.

Toby with his 'garden from seeds' birthday cake from Aki's.

.... happy birthday to you....

Opening gifts. Gift certificates to Express, Sardine Factory restaurant, and Apple.

iPod Nano and Brenda Watson books (thanks Steph!)

Cross you legs everyone!